Wonder Woman

The movie was successful, and yet there's no cartoon in development or on the way, though another medium this character is missing from comes in the videogame scene, and the thought and idea of a Wonder Woman videogame sounds too good for it not to have happened. 

Thoughts on E3 2017

I await the end of E3, and it's possible the ESA may be awaiting their own demise as well. Here are a handful of thoughts on this years somewhat ho-hum conference. Sony should leave, some Podcasters seem more simple minded than they let on, standing in line for 5 hours to play a 10 minute demo seems like a bit much.

A Playstation Ecosystem

Rumors of a Playstation 5 are already swirling and the realistic expectation of such a system won't arrive until holiday 2019 or 2020. Though with the thought of such a system I'm curious as to the concept of Sony developing an ecosystem that ties their attempts at products together. 

Speedbumps & Roadblocks

There's a rush or influx in many auto manufactureres to bring the world electric vehicles for numerous reasons. Autonomy is another story and there's really no telling when it would become "the norm" though electric vehicles could very well hit that stage within the next 10 to 15 years. Question is how the infrastructure will hold up.

Curiosities & Enigmas (🤔) - Apple

There's a lot going on with Apple, not much is known in terms of what exactly they're doing and even with the clues behind the new home "button" on the iPhone 7, the new W1 chip in the Airpods, and the Series 1 & 2 watches with enhanced chips and features, still raises more than a few questions.

Gaming, Consoles, & Holiday 2017

Gaming has been an interesting paradigm and seems to have more growth than the suggestion of any slow down in the industry. As much as many have argued that the death of video game consoles is coming soon it seems that there's simply a new shift in the way consoles are delivered by companies and their place in the lives of many of Generation X through Z.

7 Plus

The one thing I didn't want to do was buy such a large phone, something I've regularly been against, but the camera was a little too enticing. I regularly prefer iOS to Android for the purposes of having a phone that's more "secure" than that of the other variety available. Adding in Google backtracking on their assertion that the Allo messaging app would have end to end encryption, I much prefer iOS.


The airpods are interesting...odd at first though nonetheless interesting. The engineering behind the development of improving pairing the headphones with the iPhone and it's simplicity is due to the new chip Apple introduced that could lead to a lot more in the future.


I've watched and rewatched this show on several different occasions and find it to be one of the most interesting (to me at least) shows that deals with the consciousness developed by simbiotic humanoids, it's wild. 

Today's Tech & Healthcare🔬

Apple's foray into health is an interesting one, the healthcare industry is full of complexities that take time to establish a connection to today's technology let alone taking full advantage of what's available today that could conceivably help a multitude of patients in varying disciplines.

One Year Later⌚️

When it was announced the intrigue on my part was pretty high, what could the device do? What could it offer? What was the point? After a year of wearing the watch daily remembering to have it on me as much as I remember to grab my phone the watch has changed a few things throughout my days over the year.

X-Men, New Blood, & ✌🏾Singer

X-Men Apocalypse wasn't terrible it also wasn't the greatest thing ever made, it was the X-Men movie we've seen over the past 15 or so years. If news of Singer is true that he'll be stepping away then that is really great news. 

Entitlement & Tech🖥

Where caucasity continues to mow through the world of technology, the demands of a company who is annually doomed for failure continue and have seemingly gone out of control especially from those who should know better. It's possible caucasity has grown into the consciousness of others or maybe it lay dormant until it could be rise to the surface as their sense of entitlement becomes stronger ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. 

Anticipating VR/AR 🔌

Though it's no longer considered a "fad" the onslaught of VR headsets won't necessarily slow down, from LG to Samsung and Facebook, companies see these devices as the future. Though the initial applications that are suited for VR remain in the realm of gaming and films (a horror film in VR would be amazing if done right). The main obstacle is cost, weight, and content availability.

Destiny - Until Next Time✌🏾️

It's been a little over two months since I've been in the world of Destiny, losing patience with the ability of reaching a light level of 300 after spending and ungodly amount of time "grinding" through annoyingly repetitive events. And in the end this feels like the last time I'll ever touch what I can conceivably describe as nothing more than a costly $100 beta of an obviously unfinished game.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Where I re-revisit one of my favorite films not necessarily a "review" more or less random thoughts. This movie to me feels like a moving piece of surrealist art considering oddities placed throughout while also made with a great deal of care.