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Lost in Sim City

Lost in Sim City


One way to describe how this game can be in the beginning even though it shouldn't be and shouldn't be taken to that level but it can be though it's possible OCD kicked in to overdrive. In the span of a week, Sim City has become my go to game when I need some sense of rest or a little creativity. 

Because I'm not the biggest fan of in-app purchases but I understand the reasoning behind some of iOS games that implement them I don't plan to purchase much from what's offered by EA. Though it has the potential to make things easier I'll pass on it this time. There are many with a theoretical degree in economics that would suggest this game is quite easy all you have to do is A, B, and C combined with 4 and you end up with a supply and demand, none of which would make any real world sense let alone for a game.

There are many questions that you begin to ask yourself and not to scare anyone off of giving this a try for themselves, the questions can be a little intense such as;

  • What resources do you produce first wood or iron?
  • How do you spread the population?
  • Do you go with cheap oil plants or save for wind turbines and solar grids?
  • How do you space out your population?
  • How many fire and police departments do you build? Save up for 2 medium sized departments or start off with small units?

It can be a bit much, but there's also the realization of making your sims happy, move them next to your manufacturing plants and they'll be pretty pissed, move them further away from them and throw in a few parks and they talk about how much they love swimming in the fountain (something I would think you'd get arrested for but hey), make sure you have a few fire and police stations near the population to keep them safe though you may receive a pop-up from one sim suggesting that the area is turning into a police state (something I plan to screen capture the next time I receive one because WOW). 

I've taken on a narrative approach to the game which, from writing on various topics of fiction and non-fiction seemed to be inevitable. You have the ability to move buildings around remove roads and build new ones, bulldoze some things you no longer need while also gaining a small refund as well as building more of what's needed to keep the population stable. Whether this narrative approach works remains to be seen as of the time of this writing I'm two weeks into this game and I've learned quite a bit but have much learning to do.

Also you have the option of connecting this with Facebook but seeing as how I rarely log in to use or browse the service there's no way I'd choose to inundate people with multiple requests per hour throughout the day to play Sim City. 

All in all the game is interesting, not a time "waster", and I may provide some weekly insights as it's clear this game has an ability to go on for some time. I get the feeling but hope this isn't what Farmville is/was like if so that's incredibly depressing.

I - The New Wallet

I - The New Wallet