BREAKING: Blackberry CEO Loses His Mind

Blackberry the once powerful smartphone manufacturer up there with Palm, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson feels that they're facing discrimination from mobile app developers because the blackberry App Store looks like this:


But that's the fault of his predecessors who sat and watched Apple and Google's OEMs roll out and release smartphones and software that turned the industry upside down. App developers were given the tools to create whatever they could imagine for a smartphone and eventually tablet. 

And now that the field has shaped up to be iOS and Android as the dominate mobile operating systems, Blackberry continues to face the same fate as the companies mentioned above. Palm is gone, Nokia has been split apart and under one branch literally announced an iPad Mini clone only to remain obsolete and lost, Sony Ericsson...well... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. But that's how business works, there's really no benefit to spending time and resources on a brand that has a limited user base where the likelihood of it growing is the equivalent of the likelihood of Circuit City coming back. 

So because his company is struggling in many ways, John Chen CEO of Blackberry thinks "app neutrality" should be included in any net neutrality bill that passes. And prepared a bizarro world missive for government officials related to the "discrimination" his company faces when it comes to developing apps for his company's platform. Usually this would be hilarious, but it's simply become sad;

  1. John Chen doesn't understand what "discrimination" actually means
  2. Suggesting that if someone with limited resources decides to build for one platform must build for all platforms as part of law is idiotic
  3. John Chen is lost
  4. This proposal is from one who has lost control of how to turn their company around
  5. Blackberry may inevitably face the same fate of Nokia

Microsoft may be struggling with Windows Phone but they remain strong in their convictions one would suppose. So far every Blackberry CEO since the release of the iPhone and mass market adoption of Android has grasped for straws in the most bizarre attempt at gaining back some form of relevancy, this CEO has reached for an alternative reality where even in this other world he'd be looked at as if he's completely lost his mind.

Apple won't make iMessage for your devices because it's partially a selling point of their own devices, Netflix won't make their app available for your platform because their business reasoning suggests that based on your platform usage it doesn't make too much sense, small developers won't make apps for your platform because resources such as money and time are limited it would make more sense to go with platforms that have a promise of a return on that investment rather than an empty promise. If he's not pulling an early April Fool's joke for the hell of it, then John Chen may be the one to put the final nail in the coffin of Blackberry.