 - 1st Quarter Results

In a nutshell:

  • $74.6 Billion in Revenue (record)
  • $18 Billion in Net Profit (record)
  • $3.06 per Diluted Share

Device Sales (for the Quarter):

  • iPhone - 74.4 million units
  • iPad - 21.4 million units
  • Mac - 5.5 million units
  • iTunes - $4.7 Billion
  • Accessories - $2.6 Billion

None of these figures should be glossed over, the fact that Apple sold 74.4 million units in the span of three months where the quarter ended December 27, 2014 and still weren't able to meet demand goes further than simply being impressive. 

The other thing is the chorus from many Apple observers was the fact that Apple wouldn't succeed in Japan (more than half of smartphones sold were iPhones), and would struggle in China (clearly that's not the case), lastly their the first smartphone manufacturer from outside South Korea to capture more than 30% market share in Samsung's own backyard.

A few more key takeaways from the earnings report and the earnings call:

  • 1 Billion iOS devices have been sold (this includes the Apple TV and iPods running iOS)
  • Tim Cook believes 2015 will be the year of Pay including international expansion
  • More Android users switching to iOS than previously measured
  • Mac sales continue to outpace the PC market

The most interesting thing to me came from Tim Cook

The Watch starts shipping in April...hoping for an announcement for pre-orders, I definitely know what I want.