Immeasurable Ignorance

There was a blog entry from GQ (you can google it, I prefer not to link to it) related to the Watch suggesting that this was a "make or break moment for wearables". One line that came from this dribble was "if the Apple Watch flops, it's proof that no one wants to sext from their wrists, if it sells then the smart watch category is vindicated and Apple gets richer"

Breaking down the stupidity of this piece isn't necessarily difficult;

  1. This isn't a "make or break" moment for wearables...that's profoundly ignorant
  2. In what quantifiable way would the Apple Watch be considered a flop?
  3. In what quantifiable way would the Apple Watch be considered a success?

As you can imagine, none of these questions were answered by the writer as they went on in the second paragraph regurgitating Apple's earnings and the fact that Tim Cook stated that the watch would ship in April.

The trend of "Apple must do this for this entire category to succeed" continues, and it continues in a magazine I actually enjoy reading, there's a wonder why this is never placed on the shoulders of Motorola and their Moto 270, or Samsung and their multitude of smart watches, or LG or even Pebble who've been selling smart watches for quite some time now.

Though it's odd and the detractors have absolutely no answers or logical considerations to provide with regard to the wearable tech space the ongoing narrative will remain in a vicious and regurgitated cycle of ignorance and stupidity, and I would expect nothing less from some who have proclaimed themselves as being a part of the "tech" press.