Managing Sim City


After spending the second week managing land, building new homes, and finding ways to not only keep the Sims safe but also not pollute the area it can be troubling at times. This is work, but not extraneous in an effort to take my mind off of writing whatever it is that I'm writing I've chosen to concoct some economical method of developing a virtual city with virtual tenants who at time fear that they're slowly turning into a police state (see image below).

Last time I was essentially gathering whatever bearings I could with building out the city, now I've come to understand not many wish to live near certain production plants otherwise my scores drop though they rise upon moving some near a furniture store or high school or farmers market raises the score substantially, I suppose in the virtual world I've gotten myself stuck in with this game the "residents" enjoy living next to such institutions that don't necessarily harm them. Though remember the last post where I mentioned having too much of one thing could cause random blurbs to pop on the screen, I was successful in capturing the intriguing "we are slowly turning into a police state". 

As the city grows larger so does the complexity of where to place certain institutions and manage the income regularly can become a little difficult, placing a small fire station on every corner isn't reasonable nor necessary, larger stations cover more square footage and buildings utilizing all three sizes is the more ideal set up and section (commence traveling down the rabbit hole of logistical engineering).

Strangely it's helped with furthering my understanding behind project management...