A Few Thoughts On The New Power Girl

The new Power Girl

  • Genius-level intellect
  • Superpowers on par with Superman and Wonder Woman
  • 16 year old young woman (Teenage girl? I struggle with the proper phrasing at times)
  • Black🙌

Personally I'm all in with this and definitely plan to read the issues as they're released, considering the planned Static Shock digital series, and the planned Teen Titans show for TNT, my hopes may be a little too high for the possibilities.

To clarify I have a God-daughter who loves the Avengers, when it came time to get her a few things for her birthday I went looking for Avengers clothing for a little girl, and while searching online and in the Disney store the selection was anemic. And while Storm has been around for quite sometime including a new run of her comic the availability for merchandise let alone her character in films are both minimal. It's not rare for little girls to be into comic books and comic book characters, though many behind the scenes that make the decisions of what's made into a film or television show don't seem to agree, or are completely blind to reality.

A majority of my excitement comes from her being able to look up to a super hero that looks like her, shares her complexion, and happens to be an intellectual genius. And that's when wishful thinking comes in, because there's a superhero of color (keep in mind Marvel has done this with the new Ms. Marvel), that she can look up to along with many young kids seeing someone that comes close to how they look, is it conceivable that she could make an appearance in Arrow, The Flash, or Supergirl? Potentially become a part of Teen Titans on TNT? Show up in the Static Shock digital series? Or even have her own show?

Aside from Gotham, WB/DC has a hit string of television shows and appear to be doubling down on bringing more to the small screen (it would be nice to see her on the big screen as well), with so much diversity in the shows just mentioned it would be beyond great to see a female  superhero show where the hero happens to be a person of color.

If she comes to the big or small screen, I'm curious as to who'd they cast, I could see many actresses that could fill in the role to perfection.