Destiny - Until Next Time✌🏾️

After spending an overwhelming amount of time playing what many may conceive to be nothing more than a $100 beta for playing Destiny Year One, and the eventual version 1.0 in The Taken King costing another $40, I have many reservations about coming back to a game that was seemingly thrown together at the last minute with a story completely incomprehensive and algorithms that at many times and even today make the game difficult to enjoy.

I didn't mind the grinding but the repetition of it all after so long has become exhausting. Though most of my fireteam has decided against purchasing the Taken King expansion it seems that I too after finishing the Taken King and making it halfway through the Taken King Raid will have to move on to something more enjoyable and comprehensive, maybe until the release of the sequel if I find it worth investing more into a game that may or may not be half baked.

Hunter - Hunters once prowled the wilderness and wastelands, taking big risks for even bigger rewards. You're no outlaw—at least, not anymore—but making your own luck has always meant bending the rules.


I won't harp too much on Destiny, I very much enjoyed the game while playing with friends, it's obvious this isn't much of a game to enjoy playing solo, when I first started I heavily researched which character to make my own and after investigating the forums and videos of the three classes of guardians I settled will end this year with the Hunter.

I won't be back for some time, according to Destiny's mobile app I've spent 300 hours and 3 minutes only to reach level 299 and be stuck at such a level for weeks grinding through numerous events hoping to break through the barrier of 300.

Though I'm part of a fireteam, this is a group of people that have gone through the King's Fall Raid at least three times a week, and randomly joining a group that knows the ins and outs of each map just isn't something I'd prefer to do, they're a group that will walk you through the intricacies of the map but it still feels unnecessary, almost invasive of a group I'm a member of amounting to levels of "wtf?".

A lot of the fun no longer exists in the world, the story has improved but when will answers come from the thrown together mess that we were privy to in the beginning? Can hunters walk away teleporting to another world like we saw in the cutscene below? What about the traveler and his purpose in general? There's a multitude that we simply don't know and it feels like much of it has been brushed aside.

The idea that much of the backstory and lore of the world is located on another site or area away from the game through Grimoire cards makes absolutely no sense. Why wouldn’t you have some of the Exo located throughout the Tower give you backstory on the world? Allowing them to engage with the character, an Exo in the Tower that has all of the lore stored in their database where you’re sent out on tailored missions to locate any missing pieces that could help fill in the blanks. This feels like a common sense approach that apparently seems too logical to consider.

But I don’t run the offices or storyboard room of Bungie, I’m just a customer/player who at first fooled by the reveal trailers and empty promises made by the team only to be delivered a game that looks nothing like what was described, played like a beta, told like a broken children’s book without any cohesiveness throughout. I’m not one to give the benefit of the doubt to a team capable of delivering far more, (basically I’m not part of IGN) I am one who understands what a regular customer is and how purchase decisions are made, so when looking at things from that point of view the disappointment is sincere.

When you throw in the in-app purchasing model that at first stated would only be cosmetic, leading up to grabbing items to use in a special event that will only last a limited time to then go away, and the level-boost which is inherently problematic. It’s easy for many to say “you don’t have to buy it” it’s that simple, but this is coming from the mouths of the privileged who lack the ability to see past themselves. The moment this grows to be a bigger issue one can only hope gamers respond to this in the most appropriate way.

In the end I plan to wait and see what Bungie does in the future and if Destiny 2 or what will inevitably be labeled as Version 1.0 seems worth it from the perspective of gameplay, story, and the ability to go through such trials with 2 or 3 people rather than 6 then maybe I’ll consider it. The truth is Destiny comes off a lot like Star Citizen, and unfinished product with no goal in sight where players pay sums of money to get in on something that will probably be improved over time depending on what the overseers at Activision decide.

It’s clear this game was nothing but a mess upon delivery, and in no way am I alone or in the minority of this assessment. The Taken King release provided steps to address some prior issues however many remain, the repetitive nature of completing the same tasks week after week with very little change (except for making an enemy “harder”) has essentially become a waste of time.

To be honest having been away from the world for a little over two months I feel like I’m doing better with my time, considering there are far better games available one can hope a publisher or developer can see the promise Destiny had, the failures they continue to rack up, and deliver something greater and more engaging. It doesn’t seem Bungie will do so as long as Activision holds them hostage. Maybe I’ll be back I hope it'll be worth if I do return…but until next time ✌🏾.