For Your Consideration

There's a lot of content on YouTube and Vimeo, sifting through the chaos isn't simple, though I've come across a few web series that are hilarious in their own right I thought I'd add a few for your consideration.

This is a funny series and gets better through each episode, I'd also suggest watching the creator's Strolling series as well. Go to the links below.

"Olivia and Rachel escape to an empty carpet shop in Holloway to take cover from the rain but the two friends make themselves a bit too at home."

Created by Cecile Emeke

From the director of The Last Fall (available on Netflix), is a show I and I"m certain many others can relate to in one way or another.

"Ricky starts dating a personal trainer but refuses to work out or eat healthy. Dream, Justin and Amber stage an intervention for Ricky's bacon addiction. Dream teaches Justin and Ricky how to shop healthy while Justin schools Ricky about the proper way to work out."

Created by Matthew A.

It's short and still delivers in that short time frame, though from my point of view whether it's a minute or 30 if it delivers it delivers and this like the others above achieves that.

I Love Lucy & Bekka

Then there's this series I came across last year and have been anticipating the new season currently available on Vimeo.

A web series. Watch the new season of High Maintenance here: Created / Written / Directed By: Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair Executive Produced By: Katja Blichfeld, Russell Gregory, Ben Sinclair For more episodes of High Maintenance visit

Obviously there are plenty more that I'll get to a later time in a later post. If anything start off with the four above subscribe if it suits you and enjoy.