Words will eventually form their way from some state of consciousness...but no time soon.

After taking some time away from the site and a few things occurring that made things more unbearably difficult to work through more questionable intellectual(?) thought "exercises" will be on the way.

Beginning June 2015 will be a new series of expressive thought but not through the current abstraction-al words rather they'll be told through my selected lens, maybe some can formulate their own abstractions maybe not though the exercise may be more-so for myself I do hope those that browse through it all find some sense of enjoyment.

Following this will be an expression through various narrative(s) as I've mentioned before but as those plans become more concrete slightly more may be addressed to the relation of these narratives.

Lastly (for now) there's the introduction of something I've been working on quietly for some time somewhat of a reboot somewhat of an expansion to help many pass the time or simply pick up and enjoy in "bytsized" morsels. 

There will be more, there will be some modifications down the line but all will be worked through to hopefully share my vision of things as I see them.