Apple Music

In curious as usual but my understanding of Apple Music has left me curious and hopeful for a variety of reasons. The app looks interesting the services all reside within the app itself which removes the need to go to several different areas. But it's not just the app, it's the service for artists that leaves me intrigued and curious, it's the much mocked "Connect" feature for artists mainstream and independent that leaves people making the comparison to the much lauded (and rightfully so) Ping service that had similar features and was put out to pasture as it should have been. It's the "Connect" service that leaves me to hope for the success, growth, and increased usage by artists big and small. With this service Apple isn't trying to simply replace a social network (unlike Ping to an extent), it's still connected to Twitter and Facebook.


I look at this in ways I look at the App Store, independent developers were given access to tools where they could release their content wherever an iOS device is sold, from my understanding that's the concept of the new Apple Music and it's connect feature.

Though artists can distribute through third party approved publishers I wonder how long until Apple allows artists to simply upload their work directly to the store and allow for the content to be sold worldwide without the restrictions placed based on the rules of that location, allowing artists to do what developers are free to do, allow their content to be available in regions as they choose as some distributors and publishers only allow for certain locations where such content can be available. 

I'm curious of when Apple will present such a service to filmmakers, and the possibilities that lie within such an offering for filmmakers to "Connect" and share the filmmaking experience allowing their content to be available without content restrictions. I'm curious that if true that "Connect" is simply the beginning of Apple changing the music landscape giving more power to artists as they've done for developers, could if such a feature becomes available, could this shape the foundation of empowering filmmakers to take their content to another level all over the world removing the bureaucracy.