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Apple Music & Beats1

Apple Music & Beats1

Launch Day

Once 8 o'clock hit iOS 8.4 was available for download, once completed I was introduced with a newly designed Music app icon and started the extremely simple process of signing up (chose individual for now).

I love the channels I was presented with in the "For You" section, one thing that becomes evident is there's A LOT to digest that you're presented with in the new music app. Each subsection For You, New, Radio, Connect, and My Music have subsections within themselves of things you can do whether firing up the streaming For You recommendations, purchasing music, firing up Beats 1 or other stations, looking through content from your favorite artists, and creating your own playlists or playing an album in your library. 

This is a massive app to say the least and it comes standard in all iOS devices so where you can download Spotify, Tidal, or Pandora you have a standard that takes things to another level with its human curation. In varying interviews it's been stated that Apple Music is a "Service" where the others are simply "Utilities". 

And that's the significant differentiator with Apple Music though many will praise Spotify for the sole reason of being against anything Apple does it's clear that many who have given the service a try for more than a few minutes find it enjoyable (many stating on Twitter that they've cancelled their Spotify membership. It's also worth noting where many of the negative comments regarding the service and lack of musical choices come from a very specific demographic which isn't the slightest bit surprising. 

Beats 1

This is where the service wins and where many across the world will likely gravitate to and its Beats 1. Having a human voice attached to what's being played, an ability to add that song to your list as its playing and create a playlist around that selected song.  

The DJs have a varying taste in the music that's provided and although there were a few hiccups and some downtime in the service it's clear some hurdles will need to be cleared. But based on what's been presented on launch day of Beats 1 it's clear there are major ambitions with the service, growth and expansion is an inevitability.  

This was Zane Lowe's day and the team did a great job. As stated there was a very specific demographic that wasn't entirely thrilled with Beats 1 and its not surprising below I have a slew of screenshots of the app, the service, and what was played throughout the day on the station. The idea that people around the world were tuned into the same content listening live is impressive all in itself. 

The musical selections were diverse and respresentative of a lot of different genres and sites such as Esquire and Gizmodo and many others that are similar wouldn't gravitate toward such content considering who makes up the demographic of the respective websites that's to be expected. 

There's also the ability to go back and see what aired during the varying segments and play the selected list. The service as a whole is very comprehensive and there's a lot to get used to and navigate. It appears that those from the same group had trouble creating playlists (something as straightforward as tapping "Playlists" and tapping "New" to create a new playlist and adding songs seems to be difficult for people that write about technology but    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

One thing I enjoyed during Ebro's segment was taking of requests through Twitter and playing the song, one request for Miguel's Face the Sun came from Estonia that was pretty cool, the ability to have a live communal listening experience simply can't be beat. 

Connect & Promise

Connect has greater promise than what detractors have suggested. Considering it's an outlet for up and coming artists to share new or unfinished work and gather feedback from fans that help in leading to its completion isn't really heard of let alone attempted. 

All in all this was day one and within the first day of using Apple Music and listening to Beats 1 I get the feeling the company is in a strong position to disrupt quite a few players that have struggled to turn a profit. 

Maybe "oh ok" wasn't the best response to the Music and Beats 1 announcement. The praise won't come immediately, but as the service grows and strengthen's in key areas many won't have much of a choice but to admit the positive aspects of the service to date...then again we're talking about people predisposed to dislike anything the company does.

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Apple Music

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