Star Wars Anthology

Where I nerd out about my wish and love of Star Wars.

News come through that the next Star Wars Anthology film to have a green light is one featuring Han Solo's origins😒. Han Solo is cool and all and I'd ask if they'd feature his wife who happened to be black prior to him meeting Leia, as much as I'd love to see that play out I have to consider it's Disney so I highly doubt it. But Han Solo isn't really necessary, hell neither is Boba Fett, but an anthology film I'd really like to see would be one on the Seven Samurai concept initially discussed that Zack Snyder wanted to make I'll get to who should make this at the end).

But this would be one with the story of Sifo-Dyas played by Ken Watanabe or Hiroyuki Sanada with several Jedi Knights making up a diverse group of species and genders, and throw in Nicole Beharie playing one of those Jedi Knights, and how about not making her an alien but a human Jedi member as the former Padawan to Sifo-Diyas.

Brief backstory, Sifo-Diyas was removed from the Jedi Council because some of his ideology was considered too extreme by other members. He wasn't leaning toward the dark side, that was his once close friend Count Dooku. Sifo-Diyas is someone that is complex enough where it wouldn't be hard to understand that although he didn't fully see eye to eye with members of the Jedi Council he was nowhere near someone that would succumb to the dark side rather his ideology relegated him to something of a Ronin. 

And being in such a position allowed for there to be a small following of those that trust in him and will ride for the cause when necessary including his former padawan. So you have a character who has somewhat of a mythical status if you've read through some of the Star Wars canon, that has a connection to the apprentice of a Sith Lord, with a story that is set in a small location with the feel and concept of Seven Samurai.

Where many other Anthology films will likely take place over vast spaces with a great deal of space travel this film in particular could be told on a smaller scale with preferable practical effects and quite a few well developed battles even a group of Jedi fighting a group of Sith (that would be so dope). 

Women have been and still are Jedi in this universe, they can also be Sith this has been seen in the decent and then troubled Clone Wars animated series, Luminara Unduli?? Ahsoka Tano?? Asajj Ventress??. These were well rounded and strong characters, that's where Nicole Beharie comes in, because a black woman who is a Jedi wielding her own light saber is leagues of dopeness and something I had wished to see when I heard Lupita Nyong'o was cast, alas that definitely doesn't seem to be the case.

Asajj Ventress was one of the dopest sith I've seen in the Star Wars canon and though she practiced in the ways of the dark side of the force, the complexities to the character of being betrayed, left for dead, and skirting the sides of evil and really evil, Assajj was a character that provided a lot of excitement and intrigue. This would be intriguing to see in the Anthology side of films on both the dark and light side of the force.


Every writer and director of each of these films is a white male, that's crazy and ridiculous but that's the case across the industry as a whole. But I want to see Lexi Alexander behind the lens, being that she's a dope director (go watch Green Street Hooligans and Punisher War Zone to educate yourself) or Jennifer Phang (watch Advantageous then watch again) and there's absolutely no reason why a woman hasn't been behind the lens of a Star Wars film or considered for one, it's ridiculous to still deal with this issue. 

Yes ALL of this is highly unlikely and a simple pipe dream, but hell at least it's a dream to see something that isn't based on a character we've already followed and seen for several films. This would be on something that's still connected to the universe in many strong ways but rather than focused on the spectacle of republic, the jedi order, or the rebels, this could be focused on characters who are looking for ways of defeating the Sith while still honoring the Jedi code without having to fully commit. A group of something along the lines of Ronin Jedi is something I'd love to see.