Developing Something New👾

Developer Diary I

Out of curiosity I wanted to see if I could make a basic game back in 2012. It was a learning experience, but it was something I was determined to do. The game was extremely basic, the artwork extremely...elementary, and mechanics as simple as using the original NES controller you know [+..••] a control scheme I find as the ideal gaming method on mobile devices but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Eventually Stickman Jones took flight, sold well, then went off into the sunset and I left the character alone.

But I've been wanting to approach the character once again mainly because I'm in the middle of developing something a little more "odd" a little more substantial and not much to do with what the new relaunch of Stickman Jones will be though there are elements that will likely see some implementation. But I've been curious about mechanics and interaction as a whole, how anyone with a few minutes between their regular day would simply launch the game and effectively play through a level while their state is saved as they put it back down to go back to doing what they were initially. I consider it a chicken nugget or french fry approach to playing the game.


While going through the redesign of the levels, characters, control scheme, and menu I'm surprised at how simple the tools have become from 2011/2012 to today. With spritekit implemented into iOS as well as scenekit, the tools have come a long way as well as the development time, (though getting the design right can take some time though not quite as long as before). There are also the external tools available through Unity and their platform of game development along a few others like Gamesalad, Torque Engine, and Shiva3D. There's also the cost, though the design is being done externally the programming being done solo helps reduce the costs from the earlier incarnation as well as the fact that there's a clear line of sight when programming all that will go in to version 2.0.

As design gets started over the next few days a few design details here and there will be shared (just not too much) but it won't be to great detail, again it's simply an 8-bit style side scrolling game, the before and after images should provide some clues as to where I once was and where I intend to go, which at this point could be anywhere. I'm leaning toward taking this game into the most unorthodox direction imaginable.