Entitlement & Tech🖥

Clockwork for the tech press livid enough at the aspect that they aren't getting what they want when and how they want it, another term could be peak caucasity among the tech beat. The sense of entitlement has been increasingly nauseating the demands from a company they're not obligated to give their money to, the impending failure if they don't receive the breakthroughs they demand, the questioning of the viability from a company who won't give the people what they deem is worthy.

It seems that such caucasity is increasing among the young and old.  Consider for a moment Walt Mossberg writing for the attention starved Verge, where he laments the downfall of the company sitting on 1 Infinite Loop because of "innovations" from Samsung and what Apple must do to stay ahead of the curve where in his eyes they must implement several of his demands to be considered at the top of their game. He should know better, he should know the company won't simply do something for the hell of it, he should know that even if his wishlist is granted it won't be good enough, complaints will still come to surface, the company will still be doomed. 

But such a wishlist isn't rare, a lot to people with very little to no technological knowledge demand certain features that engineering simply can't pull off without ruining your battery life or developers can't write the code as certain permissions within the OS simply aren't available. This seems to come more so from the tech press who is unnecessarily and predominantly white and overwhelmingly ignore the fact that many of the features available for the devices they use are a godsend to people in other countries, and this is a central issue, there's a colorful world that exists beyond their bubble. Many take for granted that being able to communicate with loved ones in different parts of the world, stay up to date on world events, keeping messages and communications amongst friends secure and ensuring your privacy is something many depend on. This wasn't happening with your Nokia 8210, or your Motorola starTAC

Like many others Mossberg is complicit in his audience being who they are, he doesn't speak of those that don't fall into the category of wealthy or well-off and of his "ilk", there are people of color making up a substantial amount of smartphone purchases in the world who are both technologically competent and overwhelmingly fine with their iPhone 5S or Galaxy S5 and don't see nor understand the complaints behind the supposed "lack" of innovation. The cycle is simply rinse and repeat, it's surprising to see him go down this rabbit hole but some do become a bit of a sellout when they realize the more clicks they can get based on baseless innuendo holding little to no fact or common sense.

I always come back to a post I wrote back in 2012 which hilariously surrounds the same issue of the entitlement within the tech press and community today and it's unfortunate that nothing's really changed and a post written on entitlement by Aaron Mahnke with an important piece that still resonates.

Here's a great rule of thumb: until you create something yourself and then actually ship it, try to first find the positive in the products around you. Those products are the result of someone's passion, hard work and innate genius. When we compare them to our own twisted, entitlement-driven expectations, we do nothing but insult their creators.

- Aaron Mahnke

It's pretty wild that this is still going on today, and to be perfectly honest the quote above doesn't only apply the tech industry.