7 Plus

You know, the camera is not meant just to show misery. - Gordon Parks

I. This Wasn't My Intention

I've always always been against the idea of owning the Plus model of the iPhone or another other smartphone for that matter. I was perfectly content with the 4" size of the 5 and 5S while still preferring the 3.5" size of the 4 and 4S (and it's predecessors), eventually became comfortable with the 4.7" model, it seemed like the perfect size for reading text, responding to email, messaging in Slack, WhatsApp, and several other messaging apps I use on a daily. And the camera wasn't that bad, not to mention it's speed and somewhat compact size. 

Several friends and family members own the 7 Plus and to an extent I understand why, in a lot of cases it could replace the need for a tablet, the size of the screen isn't too large but offers many who don't require such services like excel, and other data management services to work and write freely, the size of the screen is optimal for scheduling, viewing pictures and having access to more screen real estate when interacting with several social engagement platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

But it was the talk of the camera that drove me to making the decision to grab the 7 Plus, though I remain averse to the size of the actual device having the camera could eventually make me forget about it for some time. There's also the fact of my increase in use of Scrivener on the plus model versus my time in the app on my 6S. With all of the writing and organizing I've been doing the screen has been beneficial.

II. Surprising Increase In Productivity

It wasn't and isn't just scrivener that has me more productive on this device, from reading articles in medium, finishing a few chapters in iBooks, managing and analyzing data in tableau, writing a majority of this very piece in the squarespace app, and building out wireframes in iThoughts. This is just a small handful of apps I use on a daily. This is clearly a side effect I wasn't expecting, the increased use of Slack, WhatsApp, Napkin, and News was and has been surprising.

I'm curious of the decisions others have made when it came to selecting the larger screen sized phone, I'd argue there isn't much of an issue with the 4.7" screen size and it's the actual size of the screen and device I genuinly appreciate. The same work I've done so far on the 5.5" screen size could be done on the smaller model though that simply wasn't the case during the time I've owned the 6 and 6S. 

In the event that Apple releases an XCode iOS app, I could see myself writing and editing quite a bit of swift code on the device as well, it's not inconceivable to consider many others would actually do the same. The Playgrounds app shows that there is the very possibility of such an app either in testing or being developed though it's not that simple and this isn't entirely based on what Apple may or may not do rather my experience and decision with getting the plus phone.

III. I Did Say It Was The Camera

The dual camera was intriguing during the presentation, it was rumored all year and obviously the rumors have come true. It's one thing to toute the specs and abilities of a product on stage and the real world use of said abilities viewed as a joke, but that isn't the case here. This review of the camera may be the best one to take in as Apple stressed through the presentation of the camera on the 7 Plus it's not something that will replace your DSLR, but many people who simply want a great camera while coincidentally carying a phone will have one of the best on the market. 

Though I did purchase a camera not too long ago I feel that the phone itself will be my primary photograhy tool. I initially intended on doing a write up of said camera though that will likely come at a later date maybe. One thing I'm looking forward to is the bokeh effect (portrait) and other nicities that have been added when recording video. Though I have a sizable model at 128GB it would be nice to have more cloud storage for photos considering the limitations millions run into on what seems to be a regular basis alas I'll have to settle with OneDrive as my backup.

I've been wanting to get back into photography and with the use of this phone I look forward to posting some images on VSCO and/or Instagram. First place will likely be Santa Monica along with San Francisco, then Cupertino and Mountain View to follow. Other camera apps I'll be putting to use are Camera Plus, Cinematic, Bitpoem, and ProCam, along with the varying editing features in those apps as well as the add ons such as Canva and BLACK. 

IV. And That's It

Those are the reasons, and summations though I'm sure I'll have more as I continue to use the phone. In the meantime, the link to my instagram page is or should be up there 👆🏾, I'll also be posting quite a few on the page named "A Thousand Words".