It's always considerably baffeling when Apple is mocked by random consumers who've never built anything related to engineering though rely on their mobile devices (usually from Apple) daily. It's considerably odd when the mocking comes from the tech press who by now should know better but unsurprisingly don't or simply don't care. Where complaints are abound at the fact that the form factor of the iPhone hasn't changed, a statement which all writers should follow up in detail how the phone actually should be designed seeing as how they know better, to the design of the AirPods ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ there seems to be a significant ingnorance to the chips Apple has designed to steadily march into a future that may come sooner than we believe.

The A-Series chips have lead the iPhone down a path to be more powerful than quite a few laptops on sale from several vendors (hilariously). The M-Series chips have provided sensor data based on integrated accelerometers, gyroscopes and compasses which offload the collecting and processing of sensor data from the main CPU. The S-Series chips power the Apple Watch and clearly heading into a new direction with the latest having a dual core processor. The W-Series that is added into the new AirPods allows for faster processing times in the connetion of the device to the iPhone.

There are several other chip designs the company has built specifically for it's desktop and laptop computers as well as the imaging processors in the cameras on the mobile devices. To ignore this fact and refuse any substantial discussion behind the clear message they're likely sending is, to put it simply, stupid. 

Based on what has been introduced so far I'm curious of what we may see in 2017 with the S3 chip inside the Series 3 watch, could it potentially be paired with a W2 chip allowing for a more immediate connection of the watch to the phone?