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A Playstation Ecosystem

Rumors of a Playstation 5 are already swirling and the realistic expectation of such a system won't arrive until holiday 2019 or 2020. Though with the thought of such a system I'm curious as to the concept of Sony developing an ecosystem that ties their attempts at products together. 

Speedbumps & Roadblocks

There's a rush or influx in many auto manufactureres to bring the world electric vehicles for numerous reasons. Autonomy is another story and there's really no telling when it would become "the norm" though electric vehicles could very well hit that stage within the next 10 to 15 years. Question is how the infrastructure will hold up.

Curiosities & Enigmas (🤔) - Apple

There's a lot going on with Apple, not much is known in terms of what exactly they're doing and even with the clues behind the new home "button" on the iPhone 7, the new W1 chip in the Airpods, and the Series 1 & 2 watches with enhanced chips and features, still raises more than a few questions.

Gaming, Consoles, & Holiday 2017

Gaming has been an interesting paradigm and seems to have more growth than the suggestion of any slow down in the industry. As much as many have argued that the death of video game consoles is coming soon it seems that there's simply a new shift in the way consoles are delivered by companies and their place in the lives of many of Generation X through Z.