The Story So Far...

Won't go into a lengthy drawn out story of where I grew up...blah blah blah. In a nutshell I'm a native of California and have degree(s) in Finance and IT Project Management, some background in IT and a few other things, in a sense my overall passions are in Technology & Film (to be fair a degree in finance definitely comes in handy in these two fields as I can attest)...guess I did get into the blah stuff...let's see...completed acting courses with schools in Atlanta, Ga considering getting back into a class or two in California, time permitting of course as time does not and will not permit any time soon so...yeah.

Small business and non profit consultant, writer, developer, analyst (from time to time), and creative director of a new venture. That's about it in terms of divulging extraneous details related to what exactly I do (signed disclosure forms and all). 

My interest in all aspects of art from music, books, films, architecture, life in general is what lead me to develop a site to jot down thoughts, observations, curiosities surrounding these interests, primarily for myself and others that may be interested.

My overall goal in life is to simply live, experience the joys in the world, to steer clear from letting my work consume or hold me from the experiences I could have as opportunities come up.

But this is me so far...there's still plenty to cover, experience, and explore, hopefully you'll learn as I do through various abstractions, my selected lens, or carefully developed narrative(s).

Current Tools of the Trade

My current set-up behind data analysis, writing, photography, exercise, and communication consist of the the following (Updated 1/3/18):

  • 10.5" iPad Pro

  • iPhone XS Max

  • Apple Watch Series 4 Stainless Steel 44mm

This winter I wanted to go for the most basic ensemble possible that would also allow me to get a great deal of work done, the new iPad Pro released last Spring has been more than useful, paired with an Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, rarely have I missed my MacBook. I purchased the iPhone X the moment pre-orders went live with the White/Silver 256GB model, and the camera is more than I anticipated. I still have my Series 0 Apple Watch as it continues to be overwhelmingly useful and a great companion, my hope is to replace it with a Series 4 model released Fall of 2018. 

I've found the watch to in many ways break me away from my phone and serve as an excellent exercising and communication companion. In terms of the software I use Scrivener for a few projects I have in development, Notes for outlining, DayOne for journaling and reflection, FinalDraft for a few other projects in development, Xcode for another couple of projects in development (hence my GitHub account I'm slowly building out). I'll go into more as the time comes.

Where footsteps were planted.

Where footsteps were planted.