Damn Good Series - Season 1

DCI John Luther one of the best protagonists on television (BBC) with stories that are essentially and immediately better than most procedural dramas coming on television today (obviously many will argue against this). But the stories, the characters, the antagonist who seemingly becomes an ally in many ways (Alice) somewhat of an equal to Luther himself. The first season was something that had me hooked and become to adapt to the format of most BBC shows film like runtimes with 4-5 episodes a season it's unorthodox but intriguing. 

3 Months & The iPad Air 2

I've written about my three months with the iPhone 6 and how it's become a part of my regular activities, it's safe to say I have some thoughts on the iPad Air 2 and how that's been incorporated and how I manage between the 13" MackBook Air, iPad Air 2, and iPhone 6.

Outside The Box

"Creative thinking may mean simply the realization that there's no particular virtue in doing things the way they always have been done" -Rudolf Flesch

Every now and then I hit a brick wall when outlining creative projects and while looking around for inspiration I tend to notice everyone essentially doing the same exact thing with a minor alteration here and there, that's pretty whack.

3 Months & The iPhone 6

There's a change in behavior in how I use my phone considering the size differential between the 4" iPhone 5/5S and the 4.7" iPhone 6, that additional screen real estate and that of the iPhone 6 Plus is something I've come to really enjoy and appreciate it doesn't seem significant but in terms of usability for some it really the significance is substantial.

Complacency & Paranoia

There's a level of complacency and paranoia in well established firms that are slow to technological advancements and change, this overall harms consumers but it also highlights the idiocy of these organizations.

21st Century Retail...& More

Slowly but surely we're finally entering a time where technology is showing how it'll replace our regular habits of swiping, scanning, and shopping. There's an inevitability of many things escaping the "niche" area and becoming the new "norm".

Check-In, NFC, & Touch ID

With Apple implementing NFC and combining the functionality of Touch ID the future services that are certain to arrive will astoundingly replace functions that have been in operation for more than 30 years. This is a good thing, I've grown tired of carrying around a hotel key that I'm afraid I may lose.

Thoughts, Apple, and Android OEMs

Initially I was curious about the impact the iPhone 6 and 6+ will have, and it's clear I was looking at the wrong product, the product I should've been looking it is not the product rather the company, Apple will without a doubt provide a significant embarrassment to Samsung and other Android OEMs this holiday. And that will be proven when Apple has their January earnings call.Oh and the Apple watch looks nice.