Thoughts on Gravity

Wow...I'll keep this extremely short, I'm three weeks late in seeing this film and I've heard the seemingly unanimous praise for this movie that I've personally been anxious to see since it was announced Alfonso Cuaron was working on his next film that was to take place in space, I just simply haven't had the time until yesterday. I enjoyed Y Tu Mama Tambien and I'm a huge fan of Children of Men so my anticipation was substantial and expectations were high.

Gravity easily exceeded those expectations, personally there isn't a specific part that I could call out as a favorite as the film to me was more of an experience. Not to sound hyperbolic but this was truly an anxiety filled, knuckle clinching experience that I haven't seen in some time.

If for some reason you're holding out until the dvd release you're out of your mind and I can say that confidently, go see the movie, even if you bypass the IMAX option it's still something to experience for yourself.