Designing & Developing

For quite some time I've been working on a new iOS and Android app and have been focused on the design process. Starting out the focus was answering the question "how do you play this specific game on a phone/tablet?" and "how will this work across platforms?". 

To say there were many design challenges would be a serious understatement, there were concepts with some testing and sketching out that seemed right at first but eventually became something one would define as too cumbersome or too difficult to simply pick up and play. 

Iterations were substantial and on several attempts at trying to find that finalized product,  things change to a point where you're looking over the entire experience realizing that you're creating a domino effect with relation to the look, feel, and usability of the product. Eventually a design language is reached that makes the look and feel of the game easy for the casual gamer to simply pick up and play.

Designing something with ease of use is harder than one would assume but after the design there is a sense of pleasure that you've created something potentially anyone could simply pick up and understand the usability eventually going through the process of inviting friends to play.

Now we go to the developing where the use of animations and the sprite kit in iOS 7 will come in handy, though the game will look similar on Android it may not have the nuanced animations, and developing for Android will without a doubt cause significant headaches throughout the development process but that will be for another post. 

After weeks of tinkering with the design language (including how it will be played), we now move on to developing, data, and API usage.