The Time I Fell For Dana Scully - Season 1

I've been a big X-Files fan as a kid and it's a show I tend to look back to regarding Sci-Fi elements when writing. So thanks to Netflix I'm heading back to what made me passionate about science fiction and what inevitably made me fall for Dana Scully (the short and long version I simply thought she was a gorgeous and crazy smart woman¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

One of the many facets about the show was the relationship between Agent Mulder and Agent Scully that grew in a complex but interesting way. The believer working with the skeptic both having a mutual respect, both trying to convince the other of thinking along what they believe to be the logical path.


What if it is a female, Scully? How close is she to you or me? Does she feel emotion? Or are her days just spent looking for food?


Maybe, she spends her day shopping.


Eight million years out of Africa, I don't think we're all that different.


Mulder, we've put men into space, we've built computers that work faster than the human mind.


While we over-populate the world and create new technologies to kill each other with. Maybe we're just beasts with big brains.

-From Season 1 Episode 5 - The Jersey Devil

It would probably be an understatement to say I was enthralled with the show, I wasn't born nor thought of when The Twilight Zone was on the air but I do remember catching the repeats whenever they were shown on TV and it was the cereal episodic content that had me hooked on The X-Files. Though there was the overall story that encompassed the season, there were the what I call "side-missions" that left me hooked, from the killer computer program in episode seven titled "Ghost In The Machine" to the unknown occurrences that were causing mass hysteria within the military in episode ten titled "Fallen Angel". 

The paranormal nature of many investigations that you're introduced to throughout the season wasn't overwhelming. The challenges that Mulder and Scully faced in terms of justifying the events they've witnessed were immense. When the agency will mock Mulder's assessment of what happened to Scully's inability to scientifically explain with factual information to back up her assertions constantly placed them at a cross-roads with bureau chiefs. 

Through the psychotic twins (clones?), the thousand year-old fireflies that sucked the blood out of people eventually turning them into cocoons, we arrive to the finale "The Erlenmeyer Flask". Here a suspect gets away from authorities after being shot several times (dropping green blood?) our beloved Agent Scully comes to a shocking discovery of dna that after thorough analysis may be as the scientist explained by definition; extraterrestrial essentially a bacteria that precedes human ancestry.

After Scully finally admits to the prospect that there may be more to goes beyond scientific understanding or analysis, she became vulnerable to the unknown, all after scolding Agent Mulder on being played by the mysterious double-triple-we're-not-too-sure agent "Deepthroat". There's also the fact that she pulled out what appeared to be a frozen baby alien from a top secret facility she was given access to by Deepthroat.

There's a bit of hilarity and brashness to Agent Mulder that looking back at the episode I found hilarious his exchange with Dr. Berube;

Doctor Berube pours some reddish liquid into a container from an Erlenmeyer flask and closes the lid. His hands are in side a glass case with gloves on. Monkeys squeal in the back. Mulder and Scully walk in.


Doctor Berube?



Mulder walks over to him and shows him his badge.


We're with the F.B.I., can we have a minute of your time?


I'm actually very busy.


I'm sorry. Are you aware that a car registered to you was involved in a high-speed chase in Arlis yesterday?

Basically after asking if they could have a minute of the doctor's time and him basically telling them to f***-off without skipping a beat, Mulder simply had no regard for the doctor being busy as he stated, and went on with the questioning. 

In the end we find out Deputy Director Skinner closed down the X-Files division (under orders) leaving Mulder in a depressed state and my undeniable adolescent pre-teen crush unable to sleep confused on where and how to go forward. But Scully was the main character that captured me and my attention, she was one of the main drivers that made me come back week after week to the show to discover anomalies that couldn't be explained by science. Her respect for Mulder grew as she was able to see he wasn't as "spooky" as rumors have made him to be.

The first season of The X-Files cemented my desire to stick around out of my undeniable curiosity and Agent Dana Scully. It's the second season, beyond already establishing as a kid that Scully was without a doubt the best ever to me (don't judge), where I truly began to believe.