Guilty Pleasure?

Admittedly I enjoyed this show when it was on ABC, and I'm not sure it can be considered a guilty pleasure, here's where the corniness comes in...I could empathize with the main character, not in the sense of falling for your best friend's fiance, no that wasn't the case, it was a sense of everything overall with the character, with the friendships, with the show.

In a weird case of irony, while taking acting classes in Northern Atlanta, Ga. I was given with my acting partner scenes from the actual show to rehearse and perform, to this day I remember that the scene took place within the Pilot episode related to the two characters Brian and Adam and their “Hey Jimmy” shtick that took place in a bar. It was interesting to say the least (this has slowly turned into a corny piece on why I enjoyed this show…let me finish this up). 

It's safe to say that yes I've re-watched the series when it was on Netflix (I do own the series through iTunes...I know...stop judging) and can confidently say that my initial response and feelings toward the show hold true even more-so. It's hard to know if this show can be considered a guilty pleasure or not, in the end I've enjoyed it during the limited time it was on the air.