Superman/Batman Summer 2015

Like the rest of the nerd raging armada throughout the world and in California (southern) I also freaked out over the news of Man Of Steel 2 with the involvement of Bruce Wayne/Batman.

There have been several complaints and tweets about how this is being "rushed" or WB/DC is simply "throwing this together on a whim" amongst many. Everyone is entitled to an opinion as many have been passionate about this, but I'd have to disagree with this being "rushed" or being an issue, WB/DC don't have to follow in the footsteps of Disney/Marvel, each character that may show up in the Justice League don't need their own film (though with the rumored Flash movie scheduled for 2016 I think the collective fans myself included would MUCH prefer a Wonder Woman movie over the Flash but what's done is essentially done I suppose), Batman doesn't need to be introduced in another reboot, introducing him in the sequel to Man of Steel is an interesting idea.

So over the next few weeks or months or until WB/DC decide to announce who has been cast as the new Bruce Wayne/Batman for the film due in the jam packed summer of 2015, expect an invasion of articles on "Who the next Batman should be". There will be many suggestions that could be considered pretty good, some worthy of raising more than just an eyebrow, and some that will likely surpass logic and into the realm of complete idiocy. Nonetheless it's entertaining until the news breaks from the studio time will tell, imaginations will run rampant, and curiosity will be fever pitch.

Definitely looking forward to what will likely be titled "World's Finest" as suggested by Latino Review back in March of this year (without a doubt the most consistent in breaking film scoops so it would be considerate to take their word with a lot more than a grain of salt).