Google, Robotics, & Looking Forward

Beware this may seem hyperbolic but bare with has made a few acquisitions that people won't take too much stock in, personally I look to look at this as an inquisitive puzzle piece. I won't go long here, below are a series of videos behind some of the companies Google has recently acquired. Deductive reasoning leads to my conclusion that many will find to be completely bats*** crazy but I'll get to that later

Google purchased Boston Dynamics, one of eight robotics companies purchased in a six month time span last year for their robotics venture. Then they make a purchase for Nest the company behind the Nest thermostat and the Nest Protect, for an amount that's dramatically more than Nest is actually worth (discussion for another day). Though it's rumored that Nest's next product would be home security and when looking at the thermostat and protect though seemingly basic household products, one could imagine what a security system from former Apple engineers and one of the forefathers of the iPod would look like and how it would function. 

Add in the new prompt featured on the Moto X hardware of "Okay Google" an active listening device without having to press down any buttons on the phone one would simply state the command "Okay Google" and the device wakes up waiting for a verbal command to be made.

And yesterday, news comes out that Google has acquired a pure AI company called DeepMind, a company that many have never heard of and know very little about. The likely is looked at as a pure talent acquisition likely to bolster AI for the robotics team and Google Now. 

Looking at these acquisitions over the last couple of months you have to wonder...what are they doing? Google continues to gather the worlds information (making their acceptance in the regular consumer space more suspect), the device in the hands of a few thousand Google Glass has been welcomed with fists and annoyance versus open arms (the phrase "Glasshole" is without a doubt a beautiful reflection of the people that praise the device), and lets not forget about the driverless cars. My best educated guess in terms of what Google may be doing...

Now remember what I said at the start of this, you'll think this is completely nuts, now I'm not concluding that Google is making Rosie, what I'm suggesting is that Google may develop a device that may be able to follow one around the home, awaiting commands such as "Google Now turn temperature down to 65 degrees" the robotic device will communicate with the home over WiFi going through with your command. Or asking the device who's at the door using facial recognition that has been improved upon from it's efforts with Google Glass it'll be able to let you know who's at the door or communicate with letting them in and guiding them to your whereabouts if you're not home or within the home. 

As ridiculous as this all may sound, how many people made the assumption that we'd be able to talk to our mobile phones where they provide a fluid response while sending a text message to your contacts? Keep in mind this embedded AI is actually learning and improves upon receiving additional commands. The radical advancements of technology are escalating at a rapid scale and things we would've never imagined will be available at our fingertips in a matter of months. 

No we won't have Rosie rolling around our homes providing us with dinner or medication etc, but what you'll likely see on sale from Google inside an Apple store or inside any Google stores will be something similar to what was seen in the ill fated show Caprica (should've been given another season at least, but this is also for another discussion). The robot's name was Serge...ironic. Give it a few years before you see the fruits of Google's labor, at least 2-3 but rest assured we'll see something no one could've imagined roaming around at the Google I/O conference in 2016.