21st Century Retail...& More

On a previous post I discussed Check In, NFC, & Touch ID regarding methods in which Apple's products namely the Watch and it's effects on overall experiences in the real world, below I'm hoping to go further than that, to go beyond the watch and a mixture or combination of how Apple's products and many others could interact with the real world.

Chip & Pin, Bluetooth Beacons, NFC, and Personalization, these are the things that will move retail forward. Yes there are many who's paranoia can reach the Himilayas and trying to convince them that their assumptions are amusingly wrong will in many cases be a fools errand. With banks moving to Chip & Pin cards through next year where retailers must switch to the new terminals otherwise be held liable for any malicious activity the experience of paying for items become less of a hassle in a sense (taking out the wallet showing ID etc). Essentially the U.S. can creep into the new century with a payment structure that has already been established in other countries for the past few years if not more than a decade.

Bluetooth Beacons are still in the early stages, in some cases retailers and small shops have yet to fully grasp and understand the ideology behind these beacons, one thing they're missing is the idea of understanding and serving the customer, and utilizing such services are beneficial. If you have the retailers app on your mobile device beacons will provide you with current sales on items you're standing next to, if you're at a movie theater you could be presented with available points toward items at the concession stand or be presented with deals toward tickets. There are numerous benefits to beacons though the paranoia will be boisterous this is essentially an inevitability.

NFC providing the ability for contactless payments upon checkout will arrive likely by October 2015 where retailers will have to update their systems to effectively accept chip and pin credit cards or bare the burden of any fraudulent charges made, a burden they likely would prefer not to take on. A lot of these systems accept NFC contactless payments allowing users the ability to simply wave their card, or in this case their phone, and soon their watch over the receiver to make their payment. NFC could eventually offer the ability to use your smartphone to open your hotel room door as well utilizing similar security protocols. 

One of the best examples to see how these services come together can be seen from the Clover Developers Blog Post where Apple Pay, iBeacons, and a POS service by Clover is tied together to offer such a seamless experience. It's likely that loyalty cards will be implemented within the coming months based on app utilization & implementation as well as retail cards. The overall experience of shopping will shift and Apple Pay has a strong chance at leading this charge in both the physical and online retail space. The question is, are retailers smart enough to adapt and make this experience convenient for their own customers?