Well Said...

A well written editorial by Daniel Eran Dilger regarding the new "open" Apple with the clearest understanding of what exactly Apple is:

"Some new competitor may eventually introduce a new disruptive product that changes this reality, but for now Apple has a global presence larger and more powerful than Microsoft—or any other tech company—ever did. 

Unlike Microsoft, Apple not only makes an OS, but also designs most of its own CPUs, builds all of its own hardware, develops many of its own apps, operates its own cloud services and controls an App Store ecosystem that regulates and taxes third party development to avoid the problems of malware, junkware and spyware that have plagued Windows and Android. 

Apple is now like Microsoft, Intel, HP and Google put together. And last year it earned more net income than all of them put together.

With Apple's current position, it now has options to do things it hasn't been able to do before. Like reserve incredible manufacturing capacity at the world's largest chip fab for its new A8 and A8X. Or introduce the first product from a tech company that can be sold as a fashion product to people beyond tech bloggers. 

Or introduce a new payment system and immediately forge partnerships with virtually every major bank to support it. Or partner with one of the largest professional services companies to develop 100 new enterprise mobile apps tailored to drive adoption of iPad. 

Or develop the world's leading 64-bit Application Processor and then drive massive volume sales of it. Or line up gaming industry heavyweights behind a new API to unlock console graphics power from that same mobile Application Processor."

-Daniel Eran Dilger of AppleInsider

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