Live-Action Static Shock Digital Series


WB has announced through its Blue Ribbon Content digital production unit that Static Shock is under development along with a two other series orders. This is great for many reasons though what has me more intrigued is is this in a way developing a test bed for an eventual television series to be part of the Arrow/Flash world or will this go in another direction testing the waters for exclusive digital shorts in a sense?

To be honest I'm glad to see what WB is doing though it would be interesting if in the next 2 years Static Shock follows The Flash with a significant cross over...though he has an affiliation with the Justice League he has an affiliation with the Teen Titans as well and with rumors of a show based on the Titans being in development at TNT could he be bound to be part of that overall team? Who knows at this point as I'm listing off hopefully probabilities, all in all this announcement is good news.