Complacency & Paranoia

Paranoia - MCX/CurrentC

"Paranoia is just another word for ignorance." -Hunter S. Thompson

You've likely read the stories over the weekend related to retailers and their quick attempts to halt the immediate success of Pay and the reemergence of Google Wallet, one secure one not so much. The fact that there's so much stupidity behind the service that was announced in 2012 and won't launch until 2015 is almost hilarious but this is what happens when you're a consortium who's overall idea is to look out for yourselves rather than the customer.

Yes as a business the goal is to make a profit but if it's at the expense of your customer who more than likely has options to go elsewhere what happens when your business begins to fade significant losses? Best Buy could end up looking like Circuit City (remember them?) if they insist on continuing with this overly embarrassing attempt at innovation through the use of a QR Code of all things.

It's stupidity at it's peak with what the retailers that are a part of this group insist on doing, only the smart ones will realize that it's best to take part in giving people the choice to use Pay and Google Wallet and whatever Microsoft eventually decides to release (if they go that route), otherwise risk further embarrassment of getting hacked again, because such a thing to occur is essentially inevitable and that is something to be paranoid about rather than a service that's convenient for customers, but it's clear many are complacent in their ignorance and greed.

Complacency - Carriers

"Complacency is the enemy of study." -Mao Zedong

There was praise over the Apple SIM and the ability to purchase a data driven device and activate with whom you'd like whenever you'd like wherever you'd like, then AT&T decided to choose ignorant ideology of self preservation over customer convenience by locking the SIM to their network

A universal SIM card is ideal on multiple levels the ability to change carriers to get the best offer as well as when traveling overseas is extraordinarily convenient all without the burden of a contract. But carriers are clearly paranoid in such a service (aside from T-Mobile of course) imagine the moment people realize their Verizon service sucks and they want a carrier with stronger service in a specific part of the country they plan to be in for significant period of time, why not keep your number and switch to that service? Obviously there are more technical hurdles to doing all of that but it's clear Apple has found a way over those hurdles.

So why would AT&T go this route and Verizon simply not offer it? Let's simply remove Verizon from the equation because it's obvious they're more of a company that wants things their way, the reason behind AT&T locking down a universal SIM is simply "that's just the way we chose to do it". Now yes you can switch out the SIM after it's locked but why? Why remove a customer convenient way of changing carriers at will without having to remove the SIM and input another one? It's clear that the way carriers have been complacent in overcharging customers random fees is losing it's luster considering that the FTC plans to sue AT&T over throttling the customer experience on "unlimited" plans. AT&T's excuse screams paranoia as customers really don't use their minutes as much as they used to and data plans are convenient and faster elsewhere where changing to that better carrier impacts their bottom line, and it won't just be a handful of customers doing so. A Universal SIM was inevitable in the iPhone and unfortunately it doesn't look like that will least not yet, maybe when the carrier's paranoia settles down...maybe.