Damn Good Series - Season 1

This is a brief observation of a series I find incredibly engaging, similar to quite a few BBC shows this was a series truly appreciated with regard to its care of the characters and veering clear of what we may see as formulaic in some U.S. shows.

I don't know Idris Elba from The Wire mainly because it's a show I've yet to watch fully (I know), but from the small spots I've seen him in on various films I came to know of the actor from the BBC show Luther, a show I'd go off to argue as being one of the best procedural dramas I've seen period.

There's an ongoing self-torment that I appreciate with the character a deeply flawed character whose love of his wife Zoe (played by the gorgeous Indira Varma) can be extreme and a sense of pain brought onto himself along with the fact of her leaving him for someone else. With this show we're introduced to someone who right off the bat proves to be an equal to Luther in Alice played by Ruth Wilson. She's somewhat of a foil to his psychological brilliance, calculating yet psychotic and tormented in her own way the unorthodox sensual tension that goes back and forth is intriguing nonetheless odd at first but intriguing.

Outside of the opening introduction of Luther and Alice the show delves into the complete psychological disturbed where Luther does his best to unravel the motives behind those showcasing their complete insanity throughout London. From the disturbed having daddy issues to the lunatic who really believes he's outsmarted Luther. The antagonists are vile but it's the chief among them all that takes things in another direction where everything falls apart, piece by piece. 

Being introduced to our core characters it's hard to know where some of the motives lie among them, DSI Rose Teller seems to support Luther only she does so cautiously and throughout series one appears to easily be swayed, Zoe's love is seemingly conflicted as she straddles between her her new love interest in Mark and her tormented husband. His new partner Justin has shown himself to be loyal, a bit of an idealist in doing what's right, but his loyalty to Luther is unwavering. DCI Dermot Crowley seemed to be the one character you felt would bring down Luther's career and appears to have made it his personal mission to do so. Lastly there's DCI Ian Reed, who seemed like he was without a doubt the most supportive and the most loyal to Luther until all hell broke loose in the final two episodes of the season.

In the end Season 1 of Luther immediately had me hooked, it's an intelligent drama highlighting the character's flaws and those around him. Like most BBC shows I had to wait a year until the next series would be available when this was first released...thankfully season 1 through 3 are available on Netflix.

More to come in the season 2 review.