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Tesla & Inevitability

Setbacks are inevitable when you're trying to completely disrupt an industry and there's a realization that your success is imminent. It's what Tesla Motors is experiencing, with the temporary setback in New Jersey and a few other states over an archaic business model the setbacks were bound to occur. People are afraid of change as cliche and constant that saying may be, there's a substantial amount of truth behind it. And people that make great sums of money off a business model that has taken advantage of so many over the years will go to great lengths to protect their cash flow.

But this will end, their victory against Tesla is only temporary, there will be a progression in battery technology, there will be other start-ups and entrepreneurs who are crazy enough to believe their idea of a mass market electric car will work and will be a viable alternative option to owning a Tesla. Battery charging stations will grow and potentially double that of gas stations, as long as there's a universal charging port and plug similar to that of filling up the gas tank this will not go away.

Disruption is an essential inevitability, traditional models of business, of transportation, of servicing to the consumer will go through various transformations that will push the incumbent aside because that incumbent usually has their head buried deep into the sand. Making my best prediction I'd say in the next 4-5 years a new electric car challenger will enter the space as a competitor and compliment to Tesla forcing the industry into a deeper level of change that's bound to occur. I could be wrong this could all be for naught but there's a strong probability that dealerships and dealership associations could face implosion simply due to greed.

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