Europa Report

This is in no way a film review...rather my random thoughts after viewing the film. I'll do my best not to get into the scientific specificity of Jupiter's moon Europa but what the film Europa Report captures is to me quite interesting and in a small way, reminds me of the Apollo missions. Directed by Sebasti√°n Cordero the film follows a team of astronauts as they head to the ice covered moon Europa that many in the science community believe contains water beneath the iced surface and has the potential of harvesting life.

But it's not filmed in a "traditional" way in a sense, the film is framed as an investigative report (the title kind of says it all) of what happened after transmission with the team had been lost. Cameras are positioned throughout the interior and exterior of the craft including personal cameras used by the crew and those within their spacesuits.

This is where the it's somewhat reminiscent of the Apollo missions, fixed and portable cameras give us access to the crew's life aboard this ship as they journey to the barren planet, on a manned mission by a private company, it's the deep space venture where we follow the lives of these astronauts through space. 

In a way this film reminds me of Sunshine by Danny Boyle, only the difference between the two, in Sunshine the crew is trying to deliver a payload to save the Earth by reigniting the Sun, here in Europa Report it's the pursuit of expanding on scientific curiosity, the potential of furthering human understanding of the possibility or potential of life on another planet. What Europa Report does is highlight the dangers of human space exploration, one of the many reasons behind the lack of sending humans to space are the unknowns behind prolonged exposure to radiation...but again I said I wouldn't go so deep into the science.

Basically the film explores the missing transmissions from the team deployed to Europa for scientific investigation and real dangers of deep space flight before landing on the surface, which lead to events occurring that you should probably see for yourself. It's a solid movie with a good cast, and a film I enjoy watching in terms of the scientific experience that's expressed throughout the film.