Entitlement, Technology, & Tech Press

I'll try not to go into substantial length here, but there's an obvious sense of entitlement in the tech field, especially those that write and report on technology, not to mention consumers themselves. One can imagine what the engineers behind these products think when people complain over the supposed lack of "wow-me-now" features. The hours put in to actually developing a product that's easy to use including it's software only for a chorus of complaints from customers that come in screaming:

"Why are you sold out of the Gold phones!?! OMG!?!"

"I couldn't pre-order my iPhone Bcuz they're sold out! THANX Apple!"

"Apple sux I couldn't get the 128GB option iPad"

"OMG I installed iOS 7 and my 3 Year Old iPad is SLOOOOW"

If you installed Windows 7 on a three year old PC there's a high probability said machine will begin to operate a lot slower than usual. That's a common occurrence but again arguing with the ignorant is a fool's errand.

Then you have the absent-minded of the tech press who are it seems blatantly oblivious to the field they're supposed to actually "report" on, but they don't necessarily share in the thought process of journalistic integrity or reporting on a story based on the factual information and context while understanding the topic being reported.

The definition of innovation escapes many, and the business practices of various tech companies somehow confound the tech press. It could be that they don't pay attention to a company's business practices, they think of the most random of reports (usually rumors) jump on the bandwagon of what's popular, and spew nonsense. That's what the "cool" kids do at least.

"Apple dead if they don't come out with new product"

"Fire TV new Apple TV killer" and/or "Google Wear makes Apple Far Behind"

"4 Years after iPad Where's the New Apple Product?"

There's a level of ignorance that's shared among those that report on companies in tech and those that are basic consumers. There's a lack of logic among those same groups as well, but it's not wise to argue among the less knowledgable crowd. Developing something that is expected to be used by millions in an easy and efficient way takes time for any company. Not all companies operate in ways taught in Business 101.

Yoni Heisler has an excellent article over at TUAW titled "A spoiled generation of tech observers yearn for Apple innovations on-demand". It's an excellent read that unfortunately those who actually need to read it don't or won't or possibly suffer from ADD and aren't able to. There's one thing that must be clear, this doesn't apply to just Apple, there have been random articles that bare no logic to their points regarding tech companies that have constantly changed the paradigm in communication and social engagement.

Ignorance is bliss, as clich├ęd as that may seem there's more truth buried in that statement as time goes on. Stupidity in tech journalism from some of the well known publications wins page views...and so things will remain the same. This September there's a guarantee there will be a chorus of complaints as breakthroughs in technology to make things easier for the consumer to consume and create content are irrelevant if the device looks the same, is barely thinner, doesn't have the right color, and the list goes on there will be a slathering of articles claiming a company is dead with no context or logical argument because facts aren't necessary. 

Hopefully Apple will hurry up and release the unannounced iWatch so I can get it with an unannounced iPhone 6 with a mythical 5.5" screen and that unannounced device isn't delayed if not they're screwed (sarcasm).