A Few Days Ago...

Quite a few things happened a few days ago in tech, film, and television. This new (weekly?) post will go through several interesting things that have occurred in all three sectors that have been deemed...intriguing. The biggest news to myself at least is that iTunes Extras have finally come to the Apple TV and will arrive on iOS in the Fall.

In Tech

Apple released a blog (a first among a growing list of firsts for the company lately) related to their new Swift programming language. At the moment the topic of discussion is compatibility related to App, Binary, and Source. 

Complaints about the Time Warner/Comcast deal are now being accepted, which is a bit of a head-scratcher because one would think the complaints have been accepted for some time (aside from the site crashing a few weeks ago).

Samsung announced disappointing earnings, the blame is placed on competition from Apple (high end), and Xiaomi (low end), and the maturity of the smartphone market. But they believe they'll turn things around it's likely they'll release a device at every single measurement and see what sticks.

A Senator has suggested that internet providers be given a "Title II" label and reclassify them as public utilities. Personally I find that interesting...curious to see how far that goes.

A once respectable Reuters blatantly lied in a piece suggesting "Advocates for blind, deaf want more from Apple". What's incredibly sad about this piece is the made up lawsuit by the writer of the article and of course as is normal with most sites the misappropriating quotes from Tim Cook. Even the National Federation of the Blind says Apple has done more than any other company. My question(s) now are, Who are these "advocates"? And is Reuters making a "pivot" and turning into a tabloid?

In Film

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes came out Thursday night, and reviews pouring in from a multitude of sites have praised the film and it's storytelling, a true summer film. 

Boyhood another film released this weekend has also received positive reviews from many throughout the inter webs. 

There may or may not be some issues with Star Wars Episode VII and it's unfortunate seeing as how as a complete Star Wars nerd, this new film is something I'm really looking forward to seeing. It's an interesting piece from Latino Review and seeing as how they've been consistently accurate with their news (obviously not 100% but they're closer than the majority) it's best to respectfully take their word for it.

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 won't be penned by Robero Orci as he's currently busy with Star Trek 3. And those plans surrounding the next Spider-Man film remain unknown at the moment, there seemed to be some disdain surrounding the recent sequel (you either liked it or you didn't apparently) it's possible Sony is looking at their drawing board hoping they figure something out.


The Emmy Nominations were announced...Tatiana Maslany and Orphan Black were snubbed once again. Nothing else needs to be said.

News broke that Colin Farrell is in talks for one of the leads in the new season of True Detective along with Taylor Kitsch.......not sure where to go with this one so let's say I'm hoping for the best (loved the first season).

NBC's Constantine (loved Hellblazer) will be replacing a character that was ultimately supposed to be a series regular. There's still some irritation with NBC not allowing the show to highlight John Constantine's main trademark that essentially put him in the serious position he was in the comic so...

Badlands, a martial-arts series following a great warrior and young boy as they go on a journey in search of enlightenment has been ordered to series by AMC. Hope this doesn't have any issues that Kung Fu had when that was in development (way before my time but I'm aware of the historical issues with the series Kung Fu).

Musings of an iWatch

A lot of sites are running stories about what they know about the iWatch (no links necessary) which is interesting because most of the articles are a complete rehash of every other site in which they don't say or know much of anything aside from the fact that the device(s) will contain a lot of sensors. Aside from that when articles have a title "What We Know About the iWatch" the body should contain absolutely nothing. No one outside of Apple knows anything about this mysterious device.

But it's amusing to see these articles come up from the likes of Esquire and The Source. Regurgitating the information that 9to5Mac has already provided seems tedious not to mention making the suggestion that your information came from the infamously labeled "sources" who likely don't exist. Very few know anything related to any wearable Apple is developing along with the new iOS devices. Quoting analysts, who check with suppliers, who don't have nor are able to provide accurate information related to a company's plans seems like a serious waste of time.


So, those are a few things that have happened a few days ago, I'm sure this week will bring some intriguing developments logical and equally illogical.