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Designing Dominode

Over the past few months I've been involved in development of a second game for iOS and it has definitely been a journey. Dominode is a game that I outlined about two years ago back in the middle of finishing up the build of my first iOS game Stickman Jones. I wanted to develop something that can be played across iOS and Android and after evaluating all options I figured I'd design the game myself and hire someone for developing. 

It was a bold step to design it myself when the last time I designed anything was over 10 years ago. That and I had absolutely no experience in Photoshop or InDesign, so the overall design took some time seeing as how I had to get used to the tools to prepare a comprehensive UI. 

When preparing an outline for the UI I used the Numbers application which was a lot easier than I realized and moved on to a cheaper application in using iDraw from Apple's Mac App Store. Again it took some getting used to and seeing as how I wasn't designing complicated gaming mechanics or buttons so the overall experience and process was fairly simple. After going through revisions the game was sent off to developers for building and happy to say it's almost done. 

The experience was new extremely different, and I plan on hiring a designer for version 2.0 but overall it felt good to step far outside my comfort zone in designing my second game.

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