Just Switch to Android...

*Not all articles will be linked as majority of them are inherently ignorant in their delivery and logic

The idiocy online by 95% of people writing about the hacking issue continues to skyrocket the "don't trust Apple with your stuff" hyperbole is incessantly hilarious to an extent, TNW has obviously shown the angle they're delivering as well as a few others, but the main take away comes down to "Apple is the only company where your information can be stolen".

Many sites have gone on into believing "leak" can be interchanged with "stolen", no one can leak my car no one can leak my laptop, the brute force attack that occurred over the weekend lead to stolen personal and private information and data, this was not a leak no matter what TNW may have anyone sane to believe. And the thing that escapes so many is this isn't the first time personal information from celebrities was hacked keep in mind the email hack that occurred a few years ago by another sick individual who was sentenced to 10 years in prison, this wasn't an Apple issue but people obviously have a blank spot in remembering these things. 

As the think pieces start flowing out of what Apple should do or what Apple needs to do with the suggestion that it's only Apple that can have their systems hacked it would be best to understand that the systems employed by Apple are employed by every tech company, not that anyone will mention this because that's apparently not popular to talk about. Seeing as how Google is a company that prides itself on respecting and valuing the privacy of everyone on all of their services why hasn't anyone made the suggestion that you just switch to Android? 

There's no such thing as a hack-proof service or system, this theft of information has come from other services including dropbox and Android over the course of a year (guess not too many people bothered to research that tidbit of info), consider for a moment that last month a hospital network was hacked and 4.5 million records were stolen, a few weeks ago a number of banks were hacked as some accounts were deleted and others stolen with accounts altered, at the beginning of the year a few retailers were hacked stealing massive amounts of credit card data, and this week Home Depot has been added to the list as a nationwide hack struck them as well. These are brief cases on the fact that thinking certain computer networks or systems won't be hacked in the future is a fools imagination. There are trade-offs when using online services outlined here by John Gruber.

The victims shouldn't be blamed, they had their private information stolen (not leaked) laying the fault on them carries no logic only idiocy, Apple isn't innocent as the brute force attack should alert iCloud after a certain amount of attempts but they shouldn't be suggested as the only company that should fix their security practices, the blame should be placed on the pathetic individual(s) who carried out the theft and the sick individuals that applauded and shared in such an attack. 

But ignore logic and common sense in this entire issue, blame Apple, just switch to Android, you'll be safer.